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Becoming a volunteer foster home is one of the most loving, selfless gifts you can offer a rescue animal. Our fosters provide a safe, loving home environment for our senior dogs until they find their forever homes or to live out the remainder of their lives. Fostering is the backbone of our rescue – if we didn’t have fosters, we wouldn’t be able to rescue senior dogs from shelters. So the more human hearts that are open to help foster our dogs, the more seniors we can save from dire situations.

Most shelters, unfortunately, just do not have the resources or the space to care for dogs with minor ongoing health issues that sometimes plague a senior dog. As sad as it is, even with many years left for senior dogs to live happy, quality lives, they may still be deemed un-adoptable, or even due to lack of space, and may therefore be one of the first dogs to be euthanized.

By opening your hearts and homes, you will help us rescue more senior dogs. All foster homes will be provided with food, treats, towels, sheets, collars, leashes, bowls, crates, etc. if needed.

To apply to become a foster home, please download the Foster/Fospice Application and Agreement form and return by mail, email or fax listed at the end of the form.