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  • Senior dogs love to sleep and cuddle the day away. They enjoy a brisk daily walk, but the best part of the day is the nap. They love for you to join them.
  • Senior dogs reward your care with an unwavering devotion. Nothing matches the gratitude that senior dogs have for their rescuer.
  • Senior dogs have learned many of life’s lessons. They know, for example, that shoes are for walking and bones are for chewing. They know that the great outdoors is for eliminating and the house is for relaxing. Your carpet will last longer with a senior dog.
  • Senior dogs can learn new tricks and be valuable family and community members.
  • They make excellent therapy dogs.
  • Senior dogs often fit into your household with ease. They find the softest, warmest spot in the house and claim it for their own, but they will share with you, too.
  • Senior dogs are often overlooked in shelters and pounds. Passed over for cute and cuddly puppies, they often do not have a chance and must go to make space for more puppies.
  • Senior dogs are fantastic in place of a blanket on cold nights and are perfect as a maneuverable soft pillow.

Adopting a senior dog saves a life!


(written permission kindly given from Sanctuary For Senior Dogs)